Diane Hoss, MD - a Physician Treating Hair Loss and Scalp Disorders Located at: 5 Forest Park Drive, Farmington, CT • Phone: 860-470-7160
Dr. Hoss' office building

Welcome to the Office of Dr. Diane Hoss

We are located at 5 Forest Park Drive, a right turn off Route 4 westbound, in Farmington, CT 06032. Please note: Sometimes our patients find their GPS directions take them close to our location, but not directly to Forest Park Drive. The most common problem with GPS is it directs users to the miniature golf course parking lot just before Forest Park Drive, or it directs drivers to go left, instead of right into Forest Park Drive.

You can use the written directions at the right of this page, or the map below. If you have any trouble getting here, please call 860-470-7160.