Diane Hoss, MD - a Physician Treating Hair Loss and Scalp Disorders Located at: 5 Forest Park Drive, Farmington, CT • Phone: 860-470-7160
Dr. Diana Hoss, hair loss specialist

Director, Hair Loss and Scalp Disorders Clinic

Dr. Hoss joined the faculty of the University of Connecticut Health Center in 1991, and worked there as a Dermatologist, Dermatopathologist and teacher until 2009. She established and directed the Hair Loss and Scalp Disorders Clinic at the Health Center from 1992 to 2007, where she evaluated and treated over 8,000 patients.

While at the Health Center, she also initiated and directed the dermatopathologic evaluation of Scalp Biopsies by conventional and horizontal sections from 1993-2009. She evaluated scalp biopsy specimens sent from the Dermatology Department, private practice physicians in Connecticut and New England, and East Coast dermatologists and dermatopathologists.

Primary Hair Loss Pathlogist

After leaving the Health Center in 2009, she continued this role at Caris/Miraca Life Sciences from 2009-2012, being the primary pathologist on many of the alopecia biopsy cases, and being a consultant on a large proportion of alopecia cases signed out by other pathologists. She continues to provide second opinions and consultations on difficult scalp biopsies.

Written Works and Lectures

Dr. Hoss has widely lectured on the clinical and biopsy findings in alopecia patients at local and national meetings. She authored or co-authored over 30 articles and book chapters. In 1998, she described and named a disorder she called “scalp dysesthesia,” in which patients suffer from significant scalp pain or itch. She continues to collaborate with clinicians and pathologists in the alopecia field.

Vivid Dermatology Practice

In 2013, Dr. Hoss established The Hair Loss and Scalp Disorders Clinic at Vivid Dermatology in Farmington, CT.